Work on the album "Neon Love" Another Reality💜🔮 is finished, pre-release soon in 10 days. Pre-order subscription link will be in the description. The release itself is scheduled closer to the end of January.📀

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As I wrote before, the new albums and singles will be released under my new pseudonym LinTaowe. 😊
As for the old profiles and accounts Skel Aner, I will delete them all and be fully engaged in re-releasing all albums and singles from 2018 to 2021.❗

I'm officially announcing that I'm starting work on a new album called "Neon Love" Another Reality.💜🔮

Happy New Year to everyone⚡🎄🎊! I wish everyone's dreams and wishes come true and the new year brings you only good moments. 😇

See you in 2022!

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