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What is Desentric?

Desentric is a very new social network. Besides offering full standard social networking features and functions, Desentric also has some specific features, methods and policies which make it a unique social network.

When Was Desentric Founded?

Desentric was founded and launched in November 2020.

What Does The Name Means?

Desentric is a word-play between the words "Decent" and "Decentralization". The name implies decentness and equality; two beautiful concepts that we need most nowadays.

What Are The Features That Make Desentric Different?

Besides offering a clean and friendly online atmosphere, Desentric has some very unique features and functions such as: Democratic Algorithm, Interaction Bartering Approach, Transparent Function Use, Mutual Growth Principle, Founding Members Incentive and many others. More about features at "About" page.

Is it Free to Join and Use Desentric?

Yes, it is completely free, and will always be free to join and use Desentric.

Why Should I Join Desentric?

Besides being part of a newly flourishing social network, you can also make use of the above unique Desentric features which will provide you a different social networking experience an dopportunities. Also, first 2000 members will be considered as Founding Members, and will have some extra privileges over the regular members.

How Do I Join Desentric?

Joining Desentric is very fast and easy, just in three quick and simple steps:
1-Just fill the short register form on homepage.
2-Check your e-mail inbox and get the confirmation code sent to you.
3-Enter the confirmation code, and that's it!
Then build a beautiful profile and start getting active on Desentric!

Where Do I Find People To Follow?

As soon as you completed the registration and join the network, you will see other users under "Who To Follow" section. Choose people to follow according to your insterests.

How Will Other People Find and Follow Me?

Just like you find new people under "Who to Follow" section, so too, your profile will be displayed there, to the like minded people who might follow you. Desentric Democratic Algorithm and Mutual Growth Principle make sure that all members grow together. Remember to post regularly to gain the highest attention.

How Do I Change/Update My Profile Info?

To change or update your profile info, go to your profile, click on "Profile settings", and make any change and update in the openning screen. Remember to save after every change or update.

How Do I Change My Profile and Cover Pictures?

To change or update your profile and cover picture, go to your profile, click on profile picture or cover picture to change or upload a new one.

What Are the Best Sizes for Profile and Cover Pictures?

For best practices across all the different devices, use the following sizes for your profile and cover pictures:
Profile picture size should be 400 x 400 pixels.
Cover picture size should be 600 x 200 pixels.

How Long is the Profile Description Text?

Profile description text is 140 caharacters.

How Many Characters Are Allowed in a Post Text?

Post texts are allowed to have up to 600 characters.

Can I Add Images, Videos and GIFs to my Posts?

Yes, you can add all these to your posts.

Can I Add Hashtags to my Posts?

Yes you can add hashtags to your posts. But please use this feature a bit wisely and don't fill your posts with needles hashtags. Generally speaking, the ideal number of hashtags to be used in a post should be less than 20, for the best performance.

How Can I Get Extra Help and Support If I Need to?

If you are having a problem other than the questions here, please go and read "Contact and Support" section, and then contact us. Remember, we are always here to help you!