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LinTaowe, a composer, writes music in styles: pop, etc. Release! New album EP "Neon Love" Another Reality Old account Skel Aner

New mini album: NEON LOVE Another Reality ⚡

This album was created during a very difficult period that brought pain and suffering to LinTaowe. This album is about past pain. The release is dedicated to those who stabbed him in the heart and played with him like a doll. But after the sadness and pain you need to relax and forget all the bad stuff find a new neon love and go to another reality.

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Release! The NEON LOVE Another reality EP is available now!😍
Listen to the new album on your favorite streaming services🔹
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Good evening all! While all moping, I continue to be optimistic about my lifestyle. Taking a bath, meditating. Looking for harmony and peace. And by the way, we're two days away from the release.
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👍Hi all! As a reminder, the new EP "Neon Love" Another Reality is already being pre-ordered on Amazon and iTunes. Dear subscribers, thank you for your support and feedback. Your reactions and likes fill me with new inspiration and motivate me to write new songs.😍

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Hi all! Already a pre-release album EP NEON LOVE Another reality🌠on Apple music and Spotify🎶
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Hi all! Today was a wonderful morning.I had a delicious meal, and I'm ready to continue to work. By the way, I will meet with my best friend and discuss the future release. 😉☕

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Hi all, whats up? Yesterday I had a photo shoot, look how cool it turned out).

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Due to many requests from subscribers!

Neon Love" EP Another Reality is coming soon
Preordered January 21st
Release January 25th

This release will be available on all streaming platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, etc.
Except Yandex Music and VK BOOM.

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As I wrote before, the new albums and singles will be released under my new pseudonym LinTaowe. 😊
As for the old profiles and accounts Skel Aner, I will delete them all and be fully engaged in re-releasing all albums and singles from 2018 to 2021.❗

I'm officially announcing that I'm starting work on a new album called "Neon Love" Another Reality.💜🔮

Happy New Year to everyone⚡🎄🎊! I wish everyone's dreams and wishes come true and the new year brings you only good moments. 😇

See you in 2022!

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Work on the album "Neon Love" Another Reality💜🔮 is finished, pre-release soon in 10 days. Pre-order subscription link will be in the description. The release itself is scheduled closer to the end of January.📀

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🎹Всем привет! Я LinTaowe! Я композитор, пишу музыку.😍